PREDILECTA - Zero-sugar Gourmet Guava - 30g

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PREDILECTA - Zero-sugar Gourmet Guava - 30g

When it comes to guava, Predilecta stands out! Gourmet Guava has no added sugar and is great for healthier recipes. Ideal for those who like versatility, we have it in the traditional format, creamy in the pot, and even a reduced version in the sachet. Tasty, nutritious, and made for all tastes! With every bite, there's that unique taste that only those who make real guava have.

Ingredients: Guava pulp, natural sweetener maltitol, acidulant citric acid, stabilizer pectin, and sweetener sucralose.


Conservation: Keep in a dry and ventilated place. Once opened, store in the refrigerator (3°C to 8°C) for a maximum of 15 days, respecting the expiration date. Shelf life and batch: see packaging.

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