LEADFOODS - Paio Sausage

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LEADFOODS - Paio Sausage - 340g

Paio Sausage is a cured, thick smoked sausage, famous for its smoky flavour, combined with garlic and other spices. It is a must have in the Brazilian Feijoada recipe. 

Made from pork loins, and seasoned with fine spices (to reflect flavours from late 70’s and early 80’s), Paio Lead Foods also can be a new addition to your charcuterie board, as it has a hint of saltiness hard to find in most sausages on the market nowadays. It can also be appreciated on crackers, with your favorite cheese.

In your Brazilian Feijoada, the Paio will become a delicacy, a tender and rich bite that will remit your senses to a true Brazilian experience.

Product made in Canada.

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