QUESOLAT - Kanukiry Whizz (Cheese Spread) 250g - FINAL SALE - EXPIRED or CLOSE TO EXPIRY

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QUESOLAT - Kanukiry Whizz (Cheese Spread)250g

Experience the excellence of QUESOLAT Cheese Spread, an irresistible addition to your menu. This creamy curd cheese is designed to provide a unique experience, combining tradition and quality. The real Brazilian curd you've been looking for!

Features: High quality QUESOLAT curd cheese.
Creamy texture and outstanding flavor.

How to use: Perfect for spread on bread, used as a sauce in hot or cold dishes, and even as a side dish in creative recipes.

Shelf life: Freshness guaranteed for 3 months from manufacture. Once opened, enjoy within 15 days to maintain quality.

Storage: Store refrigerated.

Transform your meals with QUESOLAT Cheese Spread. Buy now and discover the pleasure of tasting exceptional quality curd cheese!

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