ADAMS - Bubballo Bubble Gum Strawberry

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Bubbaloo Strawberry is a delightful strawberry-flavored chewing gum that will captivate you from the very first moment you try it. With its crunchy shell and tasty filling, it provides an explosion of flavor with every bite. Ideal for those seeking a unique chewing and fun experience.

Try Bubbaloo Strawberry and let yourself be carried away by this irresistible flavor that will surprise you at every moment!

Ingredients: sugar, inverted liquid sugar, glucose syrup, gum base (contains soy derivatives), vegetable oil, humectants: triacetin and glycerin, citric acid as acidulant, flavorings, anti-caking agent talc, sodium citrate as acidity regulator, and colorants: red 40 and indigotine. Allergens: contains soy derivatives. May contain natural latex. Gluten-free.

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