3 CORAÇÕES - Extra Strong Coffee - 500g - BUY 3 PAY 1 - FINAL SALE - EXPIRED or CLOSE TO EXPIRY

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3 CORAÇÕES - Extra Strong Coffee - 500g

Full-bodied and intense is the unparalleled flavor of Café 3 Corações Extra-Strong.

From the best coffee regions in Brazil, for the cup of every passionate consumer who wants to enjoy the prolonged taste of a perfect coffee.

From cultivation, through the roasting and grinding stages, to reaching the cup, Café 3 Corações Extra Strong is guaranteed by high quality standards and promotes an intense aroma through your drink that fills your day with energy.

INGREDIENTS: Roasted and ground coffee beans SENSORY INFO

Origin: Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo

Processing: Natural

Drink: Strong and full-bodied

Taste: Intense and prolonged

Sweetness: Very Light

Aroma: Intense Acidity: Light

Roast: dark Color_ Standard SCA: 55

Grinding: Fine Intensity scale (Range 1 to 10): 10

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