FLORMEL - Ground Peanut Candy - 60g **SPECIAL: BB 06/10/2023**

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Our paçoquinha has that incredible typical Brazilian flavor and comes with a few differentials: with 68% peanuts, it is sweetened with thaumatin, which is a natural sweetener of vegetable origin, it is rich in calcium, a source of fiber and is gluten-free. Here you'll find 5 displays with 3 pieces of this delicious Flormel paçoca in each.
They are perfect for dessert, to accompany your coffee or to use as your imagination dictates!

INGREDIENTS: Peanuts, Corn Fiber, Calcium, Salt, Sweeteners Xylitol and Thaumatin. Gluten-free.

Allergens: Contains peanuts. May contain milk, soy, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews and Brazil nuts.

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