AGTAL - Peanut Snack Bar - 30g **SPECIAL: BB 06/10/2023**

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The Enjoy Classic Nut Bar is our traditional and delicious flavor. Just the right amount of sweet, you can taste the nuts as they should be!
The ENJOY Regular Nuts Bar is the first and best-selling nut-based bar in Brazil.
With 5 delicious flavors, they are all made with a mix of nuts, fruits and seeds that provide functional and delicious flavor combinations.
Super practical and healthy, they are rich in fiber and good fats that provide efficient nutrition for your body!

- With a maximum of 142 kcal per serving.
- Vegan.
- 5 flavors available.
- Incomparable flavor.
- Made with selected nuts, fruits and seeds.
- Rich in fiber and good fats.
- Satiety for longer.
- Perfect size to satisfy your hunger at any time.
- A practical and delicious way to consume nuts and fruit.
- Consumption tips: Intermediate snacks, dessert, to accompany fruit, etc.

mixture of oilseeds (peanuts, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts and almonds), sugar, glucose syrup, raisins, cottonseed oil, polydextrose fibre, refined salt, gum arabic stabilizer, antioxidants: soy lecithin and tocopherol, glycerin humectant and citric acid acidulant. CONTAINS GLUTEN.

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