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The first nut bar in Brazil, the best seller and very tasty! This bar is made up of a mix of peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, sesame seeds, linseed and pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Advantages: 75% made up of whole nuts, fruits and seeds; 0% Trans Fats; High Fiber Content; High Protein Content; Contains no trans fats, hydrogenated fats, flavorings, colorings or gluten.
Contains 2 units of 30g each

Ingredients: Peanuts, almonds, sugar, glucose syrup, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds (shelled) and sunflower seeds, linseed, sesame seeds, cottonseed oil, polydextrose fiber, refined salt, antioxidants: soy lecithin and tocopherol, humectant glycerin and acidulant citric acid. Allergens: Contains peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts and soy derivatives. May contain Brazil nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. Gluten-free.

Nutritional information
30g serving (1 unit)
Energy value 144kcal = 605kJ (7%)
Carbohydrates 10g (3%)
Proteins 5.5g (7%)
Total fat 8.8g (16%)
Saturated fats 1.5g (7%)
Dietary fiber 3.4g (14%)
Sodium 74mg (3%)

Information copied from the manufacturer's website*

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